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Step Drill and Indexable Drill Creation in Tool Library

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Step Drill and Indexable Drill Creation in Tool Library

Could we add some more tooling options in the tool library --> New Tool --> Hole Making section?  My company machines hydraulic bodies for our customer and use several different multi-dimensioned drills, some with up to 6 or more diameters.  It would be ever so helpful for us to be able to create a new tool in the tool library by entering in the multiple dimensions and lengths with chamfer dimensions rather than create a new sketch and import a revolved tool into the library.  Another great addition would be that of Insert Drills.  We use multiple brands like Komet, Sumitomo, and Sandvik.  So far we just use a boring bar as a get by, but then we have to adjust the setup sheets with correct tool information.  I am concerned that this could get overlooked and the wrong tool setup for the job at some point.  Honestly, any customization of tooling beyond the generic would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!

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I'm voting for this👍

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Same request beside high feed series for indexable milling

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