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Steep and shallow with multi axis, no machine undercuts box

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Steep and shallow with multi axis, no machine undercuts box

Hello folks, really hoping someone can help


I have a project on at the moment where I am doing a test piece for a customer so they can see surface finish and geometrical accuracy on a part. I would like to finish this part using one toolpath to do the outside to avoid blends and overlaps. Normally I would use steep and shallow, set the threshold to 0, tick machine undercuts and use multi axis with a primary mode of vertical and collision avoidance automatic. This has always worked a treat for me with parts like this but the machine undercuts box is now not appearing unless I do only recognize steep areas and the top of this part is a sphere so that's not really going to work. Does anyone know where the tick box has gone? A bug perhaps? I hope it comes back because this was my go to strategy for 75% of things!


Many thanks in advance for your help



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Can you share your file here?
File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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You now have to select steep only for the check box to appear(instead of setting threshold angle to 0)


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Hi Seth, I would love to unfortunately I can not share this file publicly as it is under an NDA


Sorry, I could add you to a team as I could control that I belive?




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Hi @a.laasW8M6T and thanks for replying, I saw this and noted it in my post, was just hoping I was missing something as the tool path is far less than ideal on the top of the sphere.


Thanks for your help!


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Ahh sorry I missed that.

I don't believe you would have got any different results with the old threshold method as both force Steep and shallow to use the "3d Contour" part of the toolpath which is a "waterline" or "z level" toolpath that never works well in shallow areas.(I could be wrong here but i'm pretty sure thats how it worked.


There is only one toolpath i know of that will so a spherical shape with undercut and have an even stepover the whole way around and that is the new enhanced Flow toolpath(turn on in preferences)


This does rely on the surfaces ISO curves being oriented in such a way to allow the toolpath to go around the desired axis of rotation however.

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