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Some misc. questions

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Some misc. questions


  • What is a good external NC editor and viewer that works well with Fusion?
  • WHY posted NC programs in the file management tree are not date stamped? Unless you open the actual posted file? OR is there somewhere to find this easily and NOT have to repost and rename? I looking for a quick way to "see" what files I posted yesterday for example.  
  • Is there a way to turn off (optional stop between tools) globally and not have to remember to turn this on or off for every post? SO many things to remember and manage with CNC, this is one that’s kind of starting to drive me a bit nuts because Im expecting the program to run, change tools on its own, then it doesn’t and I slap myself in the head that I "forgot again"! LOL I don’t see anything in preferences. 
  • I am constantly having to regenerate TP because it becomes out of date. Seems like even after all previous MOPs are verified with the check mark. WHY is this happing? Not a big deal with small programs but when they are large files this gets annoying to keep having to regenerate. While working on these 4 molds I have regened TP SO many times and it seems like not just when there is an upstream change to one of the MOPs.  When working from work then home seems to go out of date? But hard to keep track of it.
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1) A good editor. Are you looking for free or paid? If paid, I've always been pleased with the Cimco Edit products, they do the job well. Free? NC Viewer is okay, but THIS ONE also works well enough

2) Are you referring to NC Programs or the g-code that is posted out to your computer?

3) Optional Stop is a function at the machine. If you're having to press the start button on every tool, it sounds to me like your machine has it turned on.

4) Needing to regenerate toolpaths happens a lot when you've modified the model in some way. Is that what's going on?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: BillGEGHV

1) Cimco Edit works very well and you can back plot your code.


2) Not sure what you mean by this. Per Fusion 360 design, there should be only one "NC Program" in your tree, 


Here I have 3 set ups. set up one with vise one does first op, 2nd set up with 2nd vise does 2nd op and 3rd setup with 3rd vise does final op. There is only one "NC program". If I want to post out just a portion of this long program, then I go to "operations", and pick and choose what I want to post. 


Again, this technique is per Fusion's design. Previously the workflow was completely different and when the change happened, there were many grumpy faces. 


Personally, I never reuse posted programs, it is too hard to keep track of what has been changed and if it is a good or bad posted file. Just spend the extra minute and repost the program.


3) There is a check box for "optional stop" at least there is with the Haas post.  



4) This is happening because Fusion is what they call "model aware" This is a good thing. If you make changes to the solid model after programming, it should turn red with tool paths that use those features because something changed. Believe me, after 25 years of CNC programming, you appreciate this functionality. 



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