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Single page setup sheet

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Single page setup sheet

I am trying to create a single page setup sheet or a least one page front and back. I know there is an Excel post which may be able to be modified for what I am looking for. However, it would be great if there was a way to utilize the benefits of setup sheets in the NC Programs tab but with a consolidated option that uses less paper when printed. Is there a way to toggle off the tool image? The tool representation can be helpful in some instances but I would like a clean one-sheet tool list. It would also be great to be able to insert a setup image for each WCS and have a way to enter custom notes. Let me know if any of these functionalities are already available.

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In Google Chome I usually will right click on the setup page, then use inspect. You can hover over the code in the right hand pane and it will let you highlight parts of the page to delete. Often times I just need a list of tools, without all the rest. Hope that helps.

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You can create an "NC program" and call it "setup sheets" call the excel post in that NC program and it will post to your excel template that can be setup how you want it. I have a pretty detailed one if you want to try it out. 2nd page there is a box to insert (manually) a screenshot of the setup and then add whatever notes you want. *Be sure to save both files in the same location on your computer..




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This is basically the method I used for a previous CAM system I used. It would be better to have a single sheet setup from the NC Program to retain some of the benefits of it (easily select fields to be printed, maintain collaborative use of spreadsheets, and the ability to easily use paperless setup sheets) but this is probably the best solution for how.

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