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Simultaneous rotary axis (4th-axis) surface contouring

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Simultaneous rotary axis (4th-axis) surface contouring

Need helps to generate simultaneous surface contouring NC codes of the attached part (“OpenWindow.stp”). Contouring surfaces indicated below (in blue). Just the NC codes for finishing pass (one pass) is enough. No need lead-in and lead-out. Approach using direct plunge will do. Cutter is diameter 2 mm long series carbide 2 flutes end mill. The WCS (Work Coordinate System) setting is shown in snap shot below. If possible, prefer 4-axes (i.e. XYZ and A) simultaneous cutting. If possible, please select the post processor for “Next Generation Control, HAAS VF2 with Rotary Table HRT210”. If not, FANUC postprocessor is fine. Thank you very much.



WCS (Work Coordinate System) setting: At the center of the end face, i.e. rotary axis (A-axis) passed through the center point and perpendicular to the end face.






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There is no part attached to your post, could you try again?



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Please see part STEP file "OpenWindow.stp" in attached.

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Hi again


I don't believe it is currently possible to machine that geometry in one pass on a 4 axis with any of the Toolpaths that are currently in Fusion 360.


The Swarf toolpath will generate a toolpath but even with the lead-ins turned off it still has some microscopic 5 axis moves(even though in theory it should only be 4 axis) which cause it to fail on a 4 axis post.


The only option I can see is to use two 2d contour passes using tool orientation to get to both sides.


There is an advanced swarf toolpath coming in the future which should be able to restrict to 3 and 4 axis moves according to this article: 


see attached file



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