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simplify moving objects in manufacturing model

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simplify moving objects in manufacturing model

I am finding that moving components around in the manufacturing model is difficult.  It takes way too much effort and the results are not oriented towards the workflows that are intended in this step of the manufacturing process.  If I simply select and drag with the mouse, I find that my components start moving in the Z axis and that pretty much invalidates the layout needs for a CNC router project.  Is there a way to bound the components to the body limits, or better yet, is there a way to snap a component to the Z axis and limit its movement to only the X and Z planes? 


The only successful way I have done this is to first de-select a component, initiate the Move dialog, then hover the mouse over the middle of the top plane of the component until the center is selected.  From there I then have to rotate the view until I can see the little square movement icon on the flat surface.  It is frequently obscured by the other two planes and I find this very frustrating.  I can move it and see it moving if I do this exact series of steps, but it is obviously way too finicky and requires too many clicks.  Is there an easier way to initiate this?  If I simply select the component then intiate move, then click the movement indicator, I don't get the correct results.  What am I missing?


My input would be to consider the desired outcome of interacting with the manufacturing model - at least for router CNCs, the design is a flat design along a single plane and it is desirable to move components around along that plane and not have them leave that plane.  It should be as simple as click and drag.  Consider a way to snap to the Z plane either in the UX or in the model to help customers get to the desired outcome with much less effort.


While talking about movement, I frequently want to move two components an exact distance from each other - specifically the width of my profile tool so that I can separate them with a single path.  I can't seem to find any way to achieve this without inspecting multiple points and doing some math on the side, then a specific move-to-point movement.  Am I missing something in the Align command that would allow me to click two surfaces to align together but provide a gap parameter as part of that alignment?




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Either use Move commands, select the body, and then enter the spacing you want OR use joints butting the two together and type in the offset along an axis you want. 

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I would caution against using "Move" commands, as the results are not always predictable; Joints is the way to go.

@shan_lynneata could you share a Fusion file that is demonstrating your issues, and perhaps a screenshot or screen recording to better represent the issue?

File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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