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simple method of drilling down in increments ?

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simple method of drilling down in increments ?

So I have a 10mm thick stock and would like to make a series of holes that break through the bottom of the stock. In hopes of preserving the drill bit, I'd like to drill each hole down 5mm, retract, and then finish by drilling down 10 mm, before moving on to the next hole (my board has 102 evenly spaces holes)


I could easily just duplicate the entire operation and set the first depth to 5mm and then the second depth to 10mm, but that would mean the drill bit would make it's way through all of the holes at 5mm before returning back to the first hole to complete at 10mm. I would love to make it a two-step operation that completes each hole before moving to the next.


As mentioned above, I'd like the operation to go: 5mm deep >> full retract >> 10mm deep >> full retract >> next hole. 


What are some methods of setting up this operation? 

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There are several drilling "cycles" under the drill operation. Sounds like you want [Deep Drilling] which has a full retract. 

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That should be do-able using the "Chip Breaking" drilling cycle, in your example you would like to drill to -5mm and then rapid retract out of the hole, then rapid back into the hole to just above the 5mm depth and then drill again for another -5mm (Total -10mm), if you set it to break through then there would have to be another rapid retract and rapid in to 0.5mm above the last (-10mm) cut. (As in the example attached)


You can set the peck depth to anything you like, even the full 5mm so it would drill to -5mm, retract to your retract height and then rapid back in to just above the -5mm and drill the -10mm. plenty of numbers to play with, just an example file attached, would seem like the quickest/easiest method to me 🙂 🙂 🙂

Drilling Increments.jpg


Of course as @johnswetz1982  points out the "Deep Drilling" cycle will do the same thing with less options to play with 🙂


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Thank you for the very detailed response! This was helpful. I ended up finding these options soon after I posted to forums but this definitely pointed me in the right direction. I will play around with some of these options to get the correct opperation.



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Thank you for that help! I believe I figured it out so thanks for the assistance 🙂

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