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Siemens 840 on a 4 axis horizontal, no cycle 800

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Siemens 840 on a 4 axis horizontal, no cycle 800


  I am trying to find a correct post for my DMC 4 axis horizontal with Siemens 840D control(2000). The issues that I am experiencing are:

-my machine does not accept cycle 800 command that all of the 840D posts generate

-I am receiving the 14040 "error in end point of circle" on the machine when executing a program

-I had better success using a 808 post  but was unable to get the post to output G0 B0 instead of G0 A0 because the table is B. I did identify this correctly in the machine data

  I expect that there is the correct post for my machine available but it is not available on the fusion library. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Are you not able to select the correct axis in the "Properties" area of the 808D PP when Posting as in the image below, a B axis usually revolves around the Y axis, Horizontal MC, Z goes in out, X goes left/right and Y goes up and down, is this your machine configuration ?


808D Rotary setting.jpg


808D Code snippet.jpg


If so then setting it to the Y axis should output B axis moves as in the code snippet above.

Hope that helps 🙂

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Thank you for the reply!, Yes this is my machine configuration and I did have those settings set correctly .I am sure that this problem wouldn’t be too difficult to correct but expect that this post may not be the best place to start.
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Did you solve the posting problem?


I have a DMC 50H and I´m trying to get this Fusion thing to work on my machine.

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