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Siemens 828D 4th Axis Post Processor

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Siemens 828D 4th Axis Post Processor

Hi Guys,


My SYIL X11 (4 Axis VMC) with Siemens 828D did not ship with CYCLE800 configured (kinematic registrations)... As such, I need my post processor to post A axis moves rather than CYCLE800. 


Let this be the final forum chain, once I get a solution I will post it and hopefully put an end to this issue that seems to plague many others.


@KrupalVala any suggestions? I have attached my post processor and some sample code posted with it saved in XML for upload purposes (normally standard .mpf). Between 'Adaptive Top' and 'Adaptive Bottom' there should be a A180° move as the operation is mirrored. Coordinate system is on Center of 4th, with X being on the left edge of stock.

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Hi @ProtoPerth 


To disable CYCLE800, you just need to set the following variable to false:

var useMultiAxisFeatures = false;


This variable specifies whether the tilted working plane feature (CYCLE800) should be used or not. Additionally, we've updated the post from the version you are currently using. In the latest version, we've added this option in the post properties. The current post also includes a few more changes. Feel free to use that version if you prefer


Krupal Vala
Senior Technology Consultant - Post Processor & Machine Simulation

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