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Sheet metal flat pattern in "manufactuing Model"

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Sheet metal flat pattern in "manufactuing Model"

So I have a couple of sheet metal components in an assembly and I'm trying to create a CAM file to get them cut. When I create the manufacturing model there is no way I see to select the flat patterns I created in the design module to nest them with the arrange function. Has this just be left out of the system until later or am I missing something?

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I have a similar problem with the Manufacture Workspace - I'm working in Solid NOT Sheet Metal  though, I cannot export the flattened Model the screencast shows the repeatable steps

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in reply to: geoff-hill

I think if you save the file before exporting it will work for you.

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in reply to: javelin_exile

Just get this after saving the file

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in reply to: geoff-hill

I had tried this with my model that has sheet metal and solid parts in it and it worked ok so I made a cube similar to yours and I get the same error you do where the sketch isn't ever big enough for the components so I tried putting random holes in the components to make them all different and got the same thing. I'm not sure what the differences between the simple shapes and mine. I do 3 or 4 of these a week where I don't bother with the sheet metal module because all my parts are usually flat and I haven't run into this problem anywhere else. I pulled up an old job and it seems to work fine. Seems like you can't manufacture parts for a cube heh!

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in reply to: javelin_exile

Hi @javelin_exile ,

Thanks for trying out Arrange. Sheet metal flat patterns can not be arranged easily at this time. We will be improving this in a future release so that you can arrange them just as easily as non-sheet metal components. There are a few different workarounds available today:

  1. Create a new document and insert derive flat patterns of components you would like to arrange. (FYI - This has some shape overlap issues which are getting resolved in next update.)
  2. Activate flat pattern, RMB “Save Copy As” to save as a new component and then use this in a new document.
  3. Export DXF of the flat pattern and import it as a sketch into a separate component. And then proceed with the arrange feature. I agree, it is labor intensive to deal with DXF's individually. You can improve this significantly by using DXFImporter add-in to batch import DXF files -


Ravi J

Ravi Javia
Product Manager

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in reply to: javiar

I thought that might be the case. but what about Geofs problem ?

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in reply to: javelin_exile

Had same problem and found that if you go to manufacture then click on models on left you will see folded and unfolded model. click on the unfolded model and it seems to work. hope this helped.


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