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Share and update tool library from 2 PC's

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Share and update tool library from 2 PC's

Hi all. I use Fusion on two PC's. One is my primary work PC, and the other is my shop PC. I have a shared drive that both can access (it's how I send G-code to my shop PC). Is there a way to move my tool library files to the shared drive so that I can access it from both machines? My shop PC used to be my main machine and it has a lot of data that I don't feel like going through a second time.


Thanks in advance,


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enable cloud librariescloud.png

Then move all your tool libraries to the cloud section:



You can also store your Post Processors and Machines in the cloud too so you can access from anywhere


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Thanks for the reply. My least favorite "feature" of Fusion is the cloud storage (I say that as a paying customer). I'll just manually move and import my tool library and update it from time to time. I've had complete projects go missing thanks to the wonders of cloud storage, so I'd like to control at least one little piece of my information.


Oh well.

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