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setup to cut 2d profile from imported .dxf or vector file

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setup to cut 2d profile from imported .dxf or vector file

I am looking at moving from vetric Aspire over to Fusion 360 for all my 3 axis wood routing. I can see lots of stuff for producing toolpaths when you have a 3d model. But, I often receive files as simple 2d .dxf or .pdf or .dwg files. In Aspire i can just select the vectors and and assign simple profile cutting toolpaths. Does anyone have any instructions or links to videos that show me how to do this in Fusion 360?

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Producing toolpaths from a .dxf file is possible, but there are some limitations and things to consider. For example; imported files often come in with a massive amount of spline points, even when something is actually just a large radius. Fusion starts to choke with these elements and performance is terrible. If at all possible, verify that what you're using to create the import vile has the ability to translate radii properly.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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You can use the 2D Contour operation and select the contours no problem, you can also just extrude the geometry so you have a 3D model and can take advantage of all the model aware features. This takes a few seconds and if you're using additional layers for pockets/housings etc that's not too hard to do either.


As Seth says the quality of the geometry makes a difference... some software is uniformly awful (looking at you, Illustrator) while other software (eg: Rhino) allows control over the export settings for splines/polylines and paying attention to these makes the difference.

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