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Setup sheet for lathe

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Setup sheet for lathe

Good evening, I'm opening this post because after numerous searches I couldn't find what I was looking for. I'm trying to create a new worksheet for lathe operators. I changed some variables compared to the original sheet provided by Autodesk with the post process (setup-sheet-excel-template). In the attached images I report the variables that I cannot export circled in red.
I thank everyone who can help me solve the problem.
I apologize for my bad English and wish you a good evening.

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I also attach the post and excel files

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in reply to: guido_antoniol

Post a program using the "dump.cps" post and it will show you what variables are output. I do know for sure "tool.insertISO" is not available to output. Also double check your spelling for the variables once you find them in the dumper post. You have a couple mis-spelled.

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in reply to: Don.Cyr

Thank you very much for the explanation, I will try to do everything and then update the post. A thousand thanks!

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Good evening, I tried to correct the grammar and some things have improved but the problems remain in the "Tools" sheet in $tool.insertType, $tool.reliefAngle, $tool.cornerRadius, $tool.holderType and in the Operations sheet in $operation. strategy. as you can see in the attached images for $tool.insertType it returns a numeric value, for $tool.reliefAngle it returns 0.00, $tool.cornerRadius returns 0.00, for $tool.holderType it returns a numeric value. For $tool.insertType always returns a numeric value. I ran the Dump.cps file, which I attach, but I don't know how to insert the information into the post so that it is displayed correctly. I need this post to create the worksheet for the lathe and it seems to me that the original one is more related to the cutter. I attach images of the excel sheets, the dump file, the post as modified so far and the project file. I thank everyone who can help me.

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