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Setup for lathe

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Setup for lathe


I have a lathe attached to my CAM (CAMaster Panther).  For lathe operations, the rotary axis is the X-axis (+/- degrees); the Z-axis raises and lowers a router bit, and the Y-axis is translation along the the piece--see picture.  I can make a setup file for a piece I want to turn, but the profile turning options do not recognize this setup.  Can I even use Fusion 360 with this operation or do I need to use a different software with my lathe?

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Is this simply a single speed driven lathe spindle, or does it have indexing ability? What sort of tooling are you planning on using; endmills that are spinning while the part is turning, or are you going to use lathe tooling?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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This is an indexed lathe set up like a normal wood-turners lathe.  It translates the X-Y-Z axes so that the X-axis is degrees of rotation, Y is movement of the tool *along* the rotational axis, and Z is cutting into the piece toward the rotational axis.  I can program V-carve to form the piece with a 1/2" ball-nose router bit, but would prefer to use Fusion.  The Fusion-supported lathes set-ups all seem to be for metal working lathes.  Photos show lathe from chuck and tailstock POV.  Router tool is positioned to cut.




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Hmmm, looks more like a Router with a 4th axis rather that a Lathe, try going down the 4th axis route in Fusion, it should work, however, if you are looking to have the stock rotating constantly and the cutting tool following a shape in the Z (Head rising and falling) then you may need to look at having the "Machining Extension" where there is the "Rotary" toolpath that I think will do what you want, you can get a trial of it if you don`t already have it 🙂

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