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Setting up template similar to Rob Lockwood's for my lathe

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Setting up template similar to Rob Lockwood's for my lathe

I want to create a lathe template similar to the mill template presented by Rob Lockwood in this Autodesk Univ video:


Is there a tutorial or video that describes the steps to create a template like this?  I have my Rohm 3-jaw chuck modeled and would like to have two of them in my template for main and sub spindle, and would like to model the jaws moving in/out based on the stock diameter parameters as is shown in this video in addition to the many other features that are demo'd here.



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in reply to: tomae

Hi Tom,

did you ever get that working? I would like to do the same. Closest I found was nycnc templates but I am not a member of his forum so can not download them..




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in reply to: tomae

I would suggest downloading the nyccnc template.   It will make the whole process simple.  You will have to put your name and email to access the download but they don't spam you or at least don't spam me.


Just put your name and email in the box at the bottom and it will let you download the fusion template. 

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in reply to: mikeVYSGJ

Thank you! Sorry for late reply I was on holiday. I will download and play...



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