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Setting up a single-point thread mill

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Setting up a single-point thread mill

I'm trying to set up a single-point thread mill but am running into some difficulties.  The thread mill has a cutting diameter of 3.45 mm, but a neck diameter of 1.84 mm (the shank diameter is 4.75 mm).  There doesn't seem to be a way of changing the cutting diameter relative to the neck, so I end up with really tiny cutting tips, like this:



As a result, the simulation shows the neck cutting away material, leaving shallow threads like this:



In principle, it shouldn't matter, since the cutter will clear the material if I get the adjustments right.  But it's such a delicate tool that I'd like the simulation results to be accurate.  Is there any way to fix this?  Thanks.



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The only way to fix this (currently) is to define the tool as a Form Tool. This will require you creating a sketch of the cross section of the tool (just half the tool) and then you'll get the exact dimensions you're looking for. We are working on improving this experience, but it's a little bit further down the list than some might like..

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Play with the shaft settings (you don't mention the length so I couldn't add that properly) and you'll get a better representation of your threadmill without needing to use a form tool





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Thanks, Seth and rengfx.  The shaft settings look interesting, but don't quite get what I need, since the tooth itself needs to be larger to make the cut I want (I should be just able to get a 1 mm pitch with this tool if I get the offsets right).  But I'll give the form tool a shot.

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