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selecting partial contour for machining

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selecting partial contour for machining

I have always just double clicked a contour I am trying to machine to enable the selection of certain parts of it to be machined. It seems as it has all been updated since I last used this and now it seems to work in a different way. I cant seem to get it to let me pick a certain part of the component that I need to machine, instead it just keeps selecting the whole contour and chaining it. 

any advice greatly appreciated. 


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its still works pretty much the same way, the dialogs are slightly different now though.


One trick is to hold the ALT key then click on the line(if thats the only line you want).


you can still click on a contour that has been selected and change to an open rather than closed contour.



you can also select the gear icon beside the contour to edit it

Screenshot 2023-02-16 205616.png

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Perfect, Thanks 👍🏼
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Honestly the old system was way better and intuitive.

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