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Selecting/Modifying a Machine Type - Post Processor Selection

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Selecting/Modifying a Machine Type - Post Processor Selection

Hello all,


New to the Forum.  I am just learning Fusion 360 and looking forward to utilizing the CAM function for my new (yet to arrive) 12' x 58" CNC Mill.  I am an amateur machinist for many years, just sold my manual Series 1 old school Bridgeport and looking to move forward. 


In looking at the machine library in Fusion, I don's see (no big surprise) my machine which is a Bridgeport clone with Fagor 8055I MC controls.  I see what I believe is a suitable post processor, and the capability to modify a machine type from an existing one in the library, but having other CNC machines in my shop, I know that funny things can happen, or the possibility of missing functionality when going this route. 


Hoping that someone with this experience can make some suggestions that will lead me down the right path.


Thank you,




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