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Select Same Plane Faces causes repeat freezing

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Select Same Plane Faces causes repeat freezing

Hi there,


When I am creating toolpaths for my CNC, I have been using the beta feature "Select Same Plane Faces" to speed up my tool pathing.


I utilize an onion skin approach so I always have two separate 2D Contour units to handle the two passes. Of course, with nested wood parts this leads to a lot of clicking and selecting. The Select Same Plane Face feature is fantastic for reducing time spent selecting, but unfortunately it's very unreliable in that it often freezes F360 for quite a long time - regardless of the complexity of the nested sheet. The freeze sometimes takes so long it makes me question even using it, as I would have been able to select everything individually in less time than it takes to unfreeze.

However, often it works completely fine without a hitch.


I'm encountering this freezing more and more. I recently upgraded my PC under the assumption it would help alleviate this problem, but it appears to be some kind of bug. I realize that this feature is still under testing phases, but I wanted to report my experience so that the F360 team is aware of it.


Steps taken -

1) Open saved 2D Contour operation

2) Select Face to utilize Select Same Plane Faces

3) Select Okay to begin Generating Toolpath

4) Freeze

5) Continue on.


I am using the most recent update of F360(As of 4/22/21) on a Windows based PC.


Thank you everyone!



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