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Screw Cutting

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Screw Cutting

Screw Cutting

Hello all I have a question when cutting a thread on some tough material is it possible when in reduced infeed mode. The first cut is quite heavy. Is there a way to have the tool sit out more on the diameter other than using the offsets?

They are small parts but a coarse thread on it would be happy to let it run checking in on it periodically.  If I could just get the first pass to be a little liter.

Look forward to your thoughts.

Thanks, a bunch



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Threadmill cycle? You can change the number of passes or even so far as duplicating it, adding stock to leave, and doing a "roughing" cut before. 


you need to add more info on these posts. 

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oh Sorry its on a lathe i should of said that

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oh sorry its on  a lathe i should of said that

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