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Scaling a project up in size including sketches, bodies, parts, machining etc..

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Scaling a project up in size including sketches, bodies, parts, machining etc..

Hi Group


If I have a 2d sketch that is extruded into a body and possibly made into a part, and then machined as 2d milling.

is it possible to then go into design, select everything resize it by 2x, 4x etc.. then go back into machining and re-generate the machine to work out times?


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In general, yes, this should be possible. It may depend on how your selections are made and if you've mixed and matched elements, such as selecting the sketch for some toolpaths, and selecting from the model in others. That said, even a mix-match should still result in toolpaths regenerating.

Are you finding that is not the case, or are you asking in preparation for the tasks of the day?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hi Seth

thank you for your reply, it wasn't working but I was dragging a window over everything on the screen on one attempt, and then shift-selecting sketches, bodies, and components from the tree on another attempt.
but after reading your message and knowing it was possible I tried again but this time I selected the main group at the top of the tree and it worked fine.


Thank you

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