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Sawing with Fusion360

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Sawing with Fusion360

I would like to saw panels on a 5-ax CNC router by a sawblade D450x4.2


Panels 8.000x2.600x120mm on a big CNC router with table 12.500x4.000x1.500 X-Y-Z


Is there a good possibility in Fusion Manufaturing to do this


Appriciate your help



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in reply to: r.kuypers

I don't see why not. I have a good idea of what you are talking about. You likely could eaisly use a contour toolpath and have the sawblade folow the path. You may need to get a little creative in your tool selection and how you set it all up. But I don't see any reason why it would not work. 


The biggest obsticals I see

1. Is there a post processor available? 

2. Getting creative with the setup, tooling so it translates into actualy working in reality. 

3. Figuring out how the setup in fusion translates via a post procesor into reality. 

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What I'm curious about is what angle does the 5 axis head needs to be to cut with the saw blade?  If it has to tilt the A/C axis to 90, then I don't see why you could not simply use a Contour toolpath as suggested before and align your tool orientation accordingly.  Joining a sample file for you to review.  That would allow you to use a standard 5 axis post.


Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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in reply to: r.kuypers

Hello Michael, 


This is exact what I need. thank you very much. 😀👍

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in reply to: r.kuypers

I'm wondering if you've since implemented a solution since posting. I'd like to get a couple blades on our Profit H10 to start sawing with Fusion360. 



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in reply to: mansaraYFMZM

  • Hi, download the file in message 3-5. This is a perfect way for sawing in Fusion 360. If you need a more professional solution, Alphacam is a nice cadcam software for milling and sawing
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in reply to: r.kuypers

I saw Michaels program. Yes, it looks nice. Was wondering if you put it to use in the real world. 


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in reply to: mansaraYFMZM



Yes we use it every day on several machines. Biggest saw 800mm on my big gantry machine.


Difficult angles are easy with fusion 360. 

Works very nice.

I was very great full with the possible idea of sawing with Fusion 360.


It would be great if they can professionalize this for woodworkers.

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in reply to: r.kuypers

Thanks for the update!

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Hello Michael, i tried copy your file to get the blade to work but i keep getting the lead in and lead out below the surface and have a hard time setting figuring out how to set the cutting deapth of the blade, do you have a tutorial that explain in more detail how its done?


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I'm not aware of a tutorial for that in particular but if you share your file we can take a quick look.


Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Ok, you were close but the only little problem here was not your leads.  The problem is that you were cutting on the wrong side of your chain.  To flip that you have to go to the geometry tab, click the little gear next to your chain, then check reverse.  I've included a screenshot to show you.  That should flip everything and give you the desired result.





Michael Grenier
Senior Solution Engineer
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Wow sometimes its just to easy! thank you so much! Is there also a way to change the deapth of cut? sine the height tabs are going horizontal towards the work piece?

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Roughing passes does the trick, or enter a radial stock-to-leave value... negative value to cut through or positive value to leave a skin.

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