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Save Tool Orientation

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Save Tool Orientation



Is there a way to save tool orientation that are set once and use them in ongoing jobs again? Or is the only way to do it with derived operation? That's really annoying especially when using a 3D toolpath first and than using a 2D toolpath afterwards in the same orientation. 


Will this be embedded in Fusion? Nearly every other CAM system has that. 

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There are a lot of users (myself included) who are patiently waiting for this to become baked into Fusion. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, this is still in the "wish-list" stage and there are no short term expectations for this to become reality....

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Everytime I see this posted I always add a +1, so here I am!


Been hoping for this feature for a long time. It would be my one biggest time-saver in Fusion for the work we do. 

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Add me in for a +1!

I end up having my orientation planes setup and visible (Shrunk down a bit, and keep in mind we do a bunch of round parts as secondary in our 5 axis so often there aren't flat surfaces to select for orientation) I then can select these as I create features on the various orientations.. I'm no software engineer but we may be asking for a bit much with this one though. It's one thing to remember values in dialog boxes but this could be one of those ideas that sounds fantastic in theory...

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This is sorely needed especially when updating the model breaks much of the selection. What should be a quick fix becomes very tedious.

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