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Rounding equations to 3 decimals

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Rounding equations to 3 decimals

How would I go about rounding an equation to 3 decimal places?

For example: (tool_diameter*0.013333)

If the tool is 0.5" diameter, this would result 0.006666666

But I want to use 0.007".

I just could not find a list of all the operators and whatnot that we can use in equations.



EDIT: I would also like to know if we can add  comments in equations.  I have a few funky equations and sometimes I'd like to edit them but can't remember exactly which constants do what.  If I could put myself a comment within the equation, it would be helpful.

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Math.roundto(1.23456789in; 0.001in)

(Input1; Input2)
Input 1 is what ever expression you're evaluating and Input 2 is what decimal place you want to round to. 

You need to specify units for both, you can see I put (Input1in; Input2in)

Dan Pacific

Product Manager - Fusion 360 Manufacturing

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Thank you @daniel.pacific , that worked perfectly.

Since you marked your own answer as solved, could you answer the 2nd part of the question, about adding comments please?

Thanks again.


EDIT: actually, could you point me to an online document where they list all these functions?  Otherwise I'll have more and more questions regarding this as I am diving deeper in the equations now.  For example, now I'd like to know if we can do "if" statements and such.  Thanks!

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Just making sure you saw it 😀

The help source above is a solid reference to expressions and the math functions. 

Dan Pacific

Product Manager - Fusion 360 Manufacturing

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