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Rounded edge CAM tool setup

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Rounded edge CAM tool setup

Hello! I am trying to set up CAM tool paths for milling the rounded edges on a model. I've circled it in the image below. Assume that the edge is not a standard size and shape that can be milled with bit that has the correct shape. Rather, the edge can be arbitrary and even changing around the model.

My assumption is that I would in the Manufacture workspace:

  • 3D Contour
  • Select a Ball Endmill tool
  • In geometry, Machine Boundary is "Selection"
  • Select my rounded faces in the "Machining Boundary Selection"
  • Enable "Contact Point Boundary"

But no matter what I do, I get "Empty toolpath".

Can you please tell me the proper steps to make this work? 

Thank you!







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You're going to need to share the design. What you describe should work so without seeing the design can't really help.


How have you got the tool containment set, is it set to tool centre on boundary?


Mark Hughes
Owner, Hughes Tooling
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Have you tried "3D Flow" toolpath? 


Looks better suited to me.......

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Set bottom as the botto edge -(1/2 tool dia), and the top as Model top -.001. Ensure the MODEL is selected in your setup. Ensure the stepover size is small enough. Ensure you upload your project.

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in reply to: stuart_rubin

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure which is "right" (if either), but I think I managed to get two different ways working (at least in simulation).

1. 3D Flow. Basically, I just used the default settings. It's basically making tons of "parallels", but what's weird is that for some sections the parallels run along Z axis and for some along the Y. I don't think it matters. It's also interesting that you set the number of stepovers, rather than the distance between them. (Thanks @ rob_scottJQBHR for that tip!)

2. Parallels. I basically futzed with this to get it to work. Machining boundary is "silhoutte", model selected, and lots of "Avoid/Touch surfaces" selected.

Not sure which one I'll end up using. Thanks!

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It sounds like  you are using the Wrong Flow, you need to be using this one, not the old one:




As other have already mentioned, If you can upload your file here you will get much better help and suggestions.


You can do this by going to File>Export>Save as .f3d/.f3z

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in reply to: stuart_rubin

I don't see "Flow (old)" as an option... Maybe my version is out-of-date. Nonetheless, attached is my file. For context, it's a "test block" which is representative items that will eventually be on a solid body electric guitar (neck pocket, pickup pocket, contours, etc.). I thought it would be cheaper and easier to learn the tools (particularly the CNC we have at my office) with a small model rather than jump right in with a real guitar body.

I'd love any feedback on the CAM tooling. Thanks again!

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in reply to: stuart_rubin

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in reply to: stuart_rubin

@a.laasW8M6T that was freaking amazing! Thank you so much for spending your time to make this video. You make it look so easy, but I know it takes a lot of expertise and experience to make it look that way. This is a LOT for me to absorb, but I will definitely experiment with your methods.

Also, my Fusion 360 version actually was pretty far behind, which explains some of the discrepancies between what I could do and what you showed me. I'll update ASAP.

Thanks again!

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in reply to: stuart_rubin

Your welcome,

I do this everyday for work so I have become pretty good, Ive been using Fusion for Cam professionally for about 5 years, I struggled a lot with 3D toolpaths in the beginning.  They weren't as good as they are now way back then either. 


Just keep asking questions and you'll get some great answers from the talented folks here 😁

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