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Roughing of 2D contours

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Roughing of 2D contours

In 2D contour roughing, is there a function that removes only the specified value of the material sidewall regardless of the tool pie?

It's possible in Adaptive, but I'm asking because Contour doesn't seem to have the same function.

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enable roughing passes, set the max stepover to what you would in the adaptive. 

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in reply to: loveluckey

Hi @loveluckey,


What @programming2C78B said is correct.
You can activate the Roughing Passes setting.

One tip. If you also select the Stock Contour that describes the Rough material, the toolpaths will automatically extend or cut off what is necessary.


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Then, if the side wall of the stock to be finally removed is 10 mm and the side wall is removed in 2 mm steps, should the stepover value be set to 2 mm and the number of steps to be set to 5 steps?

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