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Rotate the C axis bed on Siemens 840D

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Rotate the C axis bed on Siemens 840D

Good afternoon,


I have a DMG DMU50 3rd Gen with the Siemens 840D post processor, the bed is 500mm diameter and the plate is near as much the same size. The gantry cannot reach the far extents in X of the bed but it can reach in Y. 


Is there anyway I can call the bed to rotate while moving the spindle inward in the Y axis to create a spiral face, typically in the spiral strategy it'll move the spindle X and Y while the bed is static. 


many thanks. 

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The Siemens option Transmit could do the trick.

It's not built into the post processor as standard, though, and it is not very simple to do.


But maybe doing the odd job by hand using ShopMill and or with Manual code and transmit might get the part out the door.

Laurens Wijnschenk

AutoDesk CAM user & Post editor.
René for Legend.

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