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Rotary pocket and contour won't go full depth

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Rotary pocket and contour won't go full depth



Thanks for taking a look at my problem and please see attached fusion file.


Very simply, I have a cylindircal part with a deep groove in. Rotart pocket and contour quickly come-up with a reasonable looking toolpath but I can't get either to go full depth and finish off the "floor" of the groove. I intend to come back afterwards with a ball-nose to do the two fillets each end of the pocket but first I'm trying to finish the floor.





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in reply to: simonJJ273

As for I could see ...
1. your tool is to short under holder

2. Depth lining on floors (may be called differently in fusion, I use the German version.)



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in reply to: marcus.toepke

Thanks for the reply!


Yes, the tool-height was a silly mistake. I've corrected that and have tried to achieve this with 4 operations:

1. rough pocket.

2. Finish floor

3. finish walls

4. Finish radii/fillets


None of these tool-paths are behaving as I would like.


If you would be willing to take another look and see if there is anything obvious that I'm doing wrong then that would be much appreciated. I've re-attached the file....



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Whats the issue? It simulates completely green on my end until the fillets (where you have a tool offset of 2mm)

You can also finish the floor by cutting the walls with a tool thats more than 1/2 the groove width. 

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Thanks for taking a look. I've moved this on a bit but I can't get the final operation with the ball nose cutter to finish the radii all the way up to the side wall?

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in reply to: simonJJ273

If you use fine steps to go down it works, see the file

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And here a secont version.
But here I use a trick, I copied the part in a manufacturing model and removed the radius in the ground.

This way the operation don't try to step down the radius and you can choose the step down how you like.


But this way the tool must have the radius that you want if it is finished.


you don't need this tiny steps from the first version


fortunately fusion does not know what the part really looks like 😉

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No need to remove it in the model. Just select the wall as your contour and the floor as your depth. 

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