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Rotary Contour feedback

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Rotary Contour feedback

Hi, for the new "rotary contour" toolpath, I have a hard time creating exactly the path I want.  Refer to picture below.

I want to come in in a straight line, do 1 rotation on C-axis, and come out in a straight line.

At the moment, the lead-in/out options are a bit confusing, but I tried them all, and there does not seem to be a way to do what I need.  There is a lead radius, which is only a horizontal lead move, so you can imagine that if this was a groove the width of the tool, it would be gouging the walls of the groove.  And I need to start outside of the material, and this lead method plunges down in the material, then does an arc.

Maybe this is not the correct operation for what I want to do, let me know.  But the way to enter and exit the material are very limited for this toolpath.

I have partially achieved what I want by using "rotary pocket", and that will be my next post.



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