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Rigid Tapping

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Rigid Tapping

I am getting ready to do rigid tapping for the first time.  Since I converted a manual mill to CNC, I will be tapping into machining wax and adjusting the mills acceleration parameters accordingly for best results.   I have a good understanding of how this needs to be done.


Can anyone point me to a resource that explains the tapping operation with Fusion 360.  I followed the instructions from the online help and found simple guidelines.  Basically, it said, duplicate the drilling operation used to drill the initial hole.  Create a tap from this drilling operation.  Update the tools setting to include appropriate tapping rpm, and tap pitch, and proceed to tap the hole.  This seems too simple.  Is there more to it that I need to know?



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Well Ideally you would create the Tap First in your tool library with all the correct data


For metric taps its easy to get the pitch correct, For imperial remember the pitch is 1/TPI


So for a 1/2"-13 tap the pitch is 1/13 = 0.07692

To make life easier you can just type 1/13 into the pitch field in the library and it will do the calculation.


When you select a tap in the drilling operation it automatically switches to 'Tapping'


The last piece of the puzzle is the post processor, most are correctly configured already for rigid tapping, but it may pay to confirm the tapping cycle is being output in the correct format for your machine.

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Oh, and one other tip: Just duplicating the Drill toolpath is going to expose another issue that some don't consider; depth. You can't send a standard tap to the same depth as a drill, there will be chips in the way (this is assuming a blind hole). Of course, if you're using a spiral flute tap that extracts the chips, you've got a better chance of success. Just be mindful of your depth if you're going into a blind (not thru) hole.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for the nice tips.  One question, I think I read that that if you use "tapping" Fusion will look at the tap to figure out the direction.  What is right tapping or left tapping for?



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I'm not really sure, they seem redundant to me.


I only ever use tapping or tapping with chip breaking.


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Converted Mill? Do you have an encoder on your spindle?

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Yes.  Thanks for asking.

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