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Repair Part- Don't know how to get fusion to follow pocket

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Repair Part- Don't know how to get fusion to follow pocket



This part has me completely stumped. I am making this tool yoke for a piece of equipment at my shop. You can see it has a big open face pocket on it but fusion is just throwing me thru a loop about it. I have this piece mounted in a rotary I might add. 




I am able to face mill it down to about size. I then want to use a 1" endmill (or there abouts) and hog the middle of this pocket out about halfway through the workpiece. I am having trouble with this. Obviously the piece will be finished by a .500" endmill to achieve the corner radius of .250 after the fact but I cant seem to get anything to work when I program it. 


I've spent wayyyy too long on this thing and am at my wits end. Can someone smarter than me help me out? I am sure it's easy if you know how but clearly I don't know how. I'd be internally grateful for some help in the forums or by private message 

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ALT key is your friend. In this video (no audio) I walk thru how one would go about it:


Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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@seth.madore: Wow you made that look wayyy to easy. While I am thinking of it, on that file I do face milling to remove the stock quickly, how do I get it to tract closer to the face of part (in red). Right now it is pretty far away because it follows the rectangle flat part.  Screenshot 2023-02-20 111540.pngObviously I need to leave some stock to get my corner radius right but how can I get the tool to tract that on the way down then slide over to do the flat part that I have now? I promise this is the last silly question I have........ for now 🙂 


Thanks again 

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