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Region-based machining (milling)

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Region-based machining (milling)

Hi all!


I want to reproduce some of the results about region-based machining from those articles ( , hoping I can achieve this in Fusion360. In Fusion you can pick the desired strategy and it can do the automatic path planning for complete workpiece or you choose faces. My model has a lot of faces (Fig.1-model), so it is hard to cherry pick them manually into separate regions. Basically what I want to achieve in Fusion is regionalization of the model like in Fig.2-region so I can do the machining in different directions in each region. So my questions are:


1.) How do you guys achieve this kind of machining with different regions in Fusion360? 

2.) Should I first remove/join those multiple faces and/or create one whole surface? Can this be done in Fusion?

3.) Then I would have to import boundary curve from Matlab into Fusion, is this possible? I guess it would be tricky to import the exact curve so I would probably have to estimate a little bit and draw it manually.


Thank you in advance!

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you can simply sketch those rectangles in the design workspace and use them as containment boundaries. 

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in reply to: programming2C78B

Thank you for your answer and I apologize for my long reply. If I understand correctly your approach is fully manual and I have to sketch approximate regions on top of my multiple faces (offset plane, draw curves and then project them onto surface). This approach works good on parts with "complete surfaces" (one whole surface) like in attached Fig3 and not on the one in my original post which has multiple faces. Somehow I have to convert those multiple faces into one complete surface, then I could normally sketch regions.

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In the paper it says they used a project to surface command in Catia... Fusion has an equivalent command so it should work just fine. It doesn't specify how they exported the Voronoi boundaries from Matlab but presumably it can be done as 2D Vectors (DXF/SVG) and imported into Fusion. If not, a motivated person could convert the data, a DXF file is just human readable text.


If you're only considering 3 axis machining I don't see why you would need a single surface, or even to project the curves onto the surfaces. You would need the boundaries of the regions as curves/sketches, you can select them as a boundary for each toolpath and the CAM kernel will automatically project/constrain the path to that region.


It's an interesting paper, thanks for sharing 🙂

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in reply to: matty.fuller

Yes, I am using the same project to surface command in Fusion, now I have to figure out how to import the exact curve from Matlab. I will look into 2D Vectors (DXF/SVG), thank you.

It's a 5 axis machining with the tool normal to the surface, because toolpath will be later transferred to a robot, so I don't se any other options.

You can also try to get the other article from Springer, which is much more detailed - you have some sites that can help you with download 😉

Thank you both for you time and answers. Since I am still looking for the exact solution I will leave this topic open for possible future discussions.

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