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Regenerating Tool Paths After Making Offset Surfaces

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Regenerating Tool Paths After Making Offset Surfaces

Hey Fusion Team,


Not sure if the new update has caused this and if there is a way to turn it off. Everytime I make an offset surface all my toolpaths need to be regenerated. I know if I edit a body I have a toolpath referencing I'll have to regen but now toolpaths that have nothing to do with the surface are needing regen and then they are being affected by the bodies I am creating.

like example I have a chamfer I am going to surface a chamfer, so typically I would create an offset surface of the chamfer and extend the edges out a little so I don't enter onto the part, but now when I do that I'll have to regen the whole setup and my adaptive roughing is recognizing my offset body and not cutting over the area when it should be.


Please Help!

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In your Setup, have you selected just the model you want to machine, or have you selected the Component level item? I suspect it's the latter, as the behavior you're seeing aligns with how I would expect it to work. You're adding "bodies" to the Component, it should invalidate toolpaths 🤔

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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