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reduce RPM's in posted code to the maximum RPM specified within the post

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reduce RPM's in posted code to the maximum RPM specified within the post

I have a handful of Okuma Mills and only one of them has a maximum RPM of 8000. 

As of right now my post processor puts the exact spindle speed in the program as compared to what I set it to in fusion360 (to be expected). If I post my program to my machine with anything above 8000 RPM i get a warning and also an alarm at the machine. 

What I would like to happen is if I post the program, any spindle speeds above 8000 RPM automatically get reduced down to 8000 in the code... 


Here is a link to another forum where someone was asking about this same thing


Solved: automatic spindle limit sinumerik 840D - Autodesk Community - Fusion 360


I tried the solution that the gentleman posted  and it does indeed reduce my spindle speeds that are above 8000 in fusion 360 down to 8000 in the program, but it also increases anything below 8000 to 8000.... basically just posts every tool at the "maxspindlespeed"


I have attached my post for the okuma as well.


If anyone has a solution that would be greatly appreciated!


thank you,


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Not sure you want to do that.  Reducing the RPM without compensating the feed will increase your chipload.  If you were to go from 20000 RPM down to 8000 without changing the feed, your tool will break, or the cut will be extremely bad.

Better is to make the post not post, but give you an alarm saying you are over the max RPM.  Unless you can figure out how to maintain the chipload in the post and output a corrected feed rate.

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We have the same situation here, with a single mill that caps out at 4k rpm. The safest thing to do is copy your setup, drop all rpms to 8k max (keeping chipload as programmed) and posting it out with the suffix of the one mill's model. 

OR have the operator change them manually to 8k, and use common sense if the tool can handle an extra 10-100% chipload.


Some mills will accept a FPR value instead of IPM, but that's not a change I'd necessarily try to implement right now. 

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