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Radius mill with tip length, offset the bottom?

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Radius mill with tip length, offset the bottom?

Howdy. A quick question about tool paths with radius mills. I'm looking to cut a simple rounded edge around a contour. I have a radius mill with the correct radius, but it has .075" of extra "tip length" to it (so the actual cutting radius is a skosh up the shaft). I'm able to define all the correct parameters for the tool: 




The problem comes when I use the 2D contour to do the cut. I select the tool and the bottom contour. Without further instruction, the tool cuts too high:


If I offset the bottom height by the "tip length" (.075") I get the right path.





My question to you all is, having modeled the cutter, is offsetting the bottom the right way to do this?


I believe some specific settings will appear when working with chamfer mills that seems to take their geometry into account. Is there something like that for rounding mills I should be using instead of offsetting the bottom manually?




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There's nothing invalid about this approach, but if you have to do a lot of programming with the tool it may be error prone. 


I believe you can define it as a form tool instead and you'll have the ability to define the control point, which would make it run off the bottom edge of the fillet with no offset. You'd only need to do this once.

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@bentwookie Definitely a bit of a drawback that Fusion doesn't take the tip length into account when calculating Z depth but you can do as @matty.fuller suggested and model it as a form tool or set an expression in your bottom height offset

"-tool_tipLength" to automatically add in the tip length from the cutter tab in the tool library *Don't forget the minus sign*.. 




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ours only have a .005 lead in so I just program it as an absolute value based off the model top ie: -.037 for a 1/32 rad. You can then save this as a template, or store it as a note/comment in the actual tool library. 

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These are just the suggestions I was hoping for. Thanks everyone!

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