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"Simulate with Machine" not simulating patterns

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"Simulate with Machine" not simulating patterns

I'm programming a 5-axis part and am using the "HAAS VF4SS with TRT210 trunnion rotary table" machine in my setup. I have toolpaths in a circular pattern that, when I use the "Simulate" tool, simulate correctly--they also appear to post-process into g-code correctly (I don't have the opportunity to see if they run correctly on the machine yet). But when I use the "Simulate with Machine" tool, the simulation runs and displays the machine, but does not simulate the patterned instances of the toolpaths. File is attached to this post, "Op 3" has the troublesome circular pattern.


Also in my "Op 4" setup I cannot get the ID threading operation to simulate without flagging fictitious "rapid collision with stock" errors...

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1) Hmm. I'm not having issue simulating the Pattern when using Machine Simulation 🤔


2) The "rapid collision with stock" errors are (as you know) fictitious. This happens when a threading tool rapids out of the cut. We have tickets to improve on this behavior, but it's further in our backlog than some would prefer...

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Strange... Attached are screenshots of the different results I get when simulating with machine and without. Both shots are at the start of the third toolpath (3D adaptive) of the setup "Op 3". The pattern should be causing the first two toolpaths to each repeat once, and this is represented in the normal simulation, but in the machine simulation I just see them each run once and not pattern. I'll try this on my laptop instead of my desktop to see if its an issue with my desktop specifically. I've tried restarting both Fusion and the computer multiple times...

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Well, it works correctly on my laptop but not my desktop... any ideas why that might be? My desktop is a pretty dated piece of equipment but this doesn't seem like an error/bug that would be graphics related.

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