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Prototrak MX3 3 axis post processor

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Prototrak MX3 3 axis post processor

Hi, im looking for a post processor in fusion 360 that will work with an old MX3 control.

The machine has been converted to run an emulator rather than the old floppy drives and having read a couple of forums a couple of people have managed to get them running full 3 axis rather than 2 1/2 axis without dnc key by using emulators.

I can get the machine running 2 axis from fusion using a modified post processor i found on one of these forums but im having trouble finding/modifying one that will run 3 axis. If anyone could help that would be great.


Thanks in advance 

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Try the attached Post Processor, it is the latest update.


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Hello energy25lm, I am wondering if you ever got your MX3 running 3 axis.  You mentioned using an emulator, I don’t know what that is, or how to use it.  I just recently bought a Bridgeport mill with a PROTOTRAK MX3, without a DNC key.  I would like to be able to use Fusion360 and post process to run on MX3.  I am trying my best to make this happen, but not much success.  I believe my MX3 is limited to either 1000 or 2000 lines of code, because I do not have a DNC key.  I believe using a DNC key, you can run programs of infinite length.  Also, I did try using the post processor, suggested by engineguy.  If you, or anyone else has anything to add, that might be helpful for me, it will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you all in advanced.



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Hi! Sounds like I am in the same exact boat you were in a month ago. I got a Sharp HMV knee mill retrofitted with an MX3 controller and everything seems to work great! I got the free trial for Fusion 360 and am trying to send programs to the controller. I have tried the 2 posts that are in the Fusion post library (.MX2 and .gcd), and neither work. The .MX2 post seemed like it was going to work; when I opened the code in the viewer, everything looked good, but when I sent it to the controller, all the Z coordinates were messed up. 
I am hoping that within the month you posted this you might have come across a post processor that worked for you! Any help you or anyone else is able to provide is greatly appreciated!!

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