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Proto trak RMX tool change issue

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Proto trak RMX tool change issue

I am using the generic ProtoTRAK gcd post for a RMX controller and I am having a issue where my tool change prompt happens at my clearance plane, this leaves me no room to change tool is there an edit for the post (or is this user error) that will retract the Z axis then prompt the tool change?


N2975 Z-13.125
N2980 G01 Z-15.6524 F300.
N2985 G00 Z5.
N2990 Z100.
N2995 M05

(DRILL2 3)
N3000 M09
N3005 T03 M06
N3010 S1000 M03
N3015 G54
N3020 M08
N3025 G00 X-93.8662 Y38.8806


Thanks in advance



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Normally, one needs to go to the G91 G28 Z0 coordinate to change the tool. Can you write this code under the Z100 line and try it? If it works, I can make changes to the post or you can use the fanuc post in the system.

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