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Project all sketches into one sketch for laser cutting

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Project all sketches into one sketch for laser cutting


Im using Fusion360 for laser cutter design. Some projects gets complicated, with several parts, and different thickness materials.

I would like to create a sketch for each material, and "copy" corresponding geometry from other sketches to this. And if the original sketch is modified, the copy sketch is updated.

I cant just project the geometry, as each sketch is in a different plane.

Having all geometry in a single sketch allows me for a simple DXF export to the laser cutter. Otherwise I would have to export each sketch independently, which would be a pain 😞

Any advice?

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in reply to: MartyMcFly84

Is not possible? Or just nobody know how to do it?

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If the Arrange command doesn't cut it for you then the (Paid) addin Mapboards Pro may suit. It separates thicknesses and nests. Do you CAM to the Laser inside Fusion 360?

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Didnt know Mapboards, I will check it 🙂
No, I dont CAM to the laser inside Fusion... Im new, and I dont even know if that is possible! Maybe after solving the main problem I can move to CAM inside Fusion

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