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Problem with tool path postprocesing mach3

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Problem with tool path postprocesing mach3

I have problem with tool path when I doing something like this addhed on the foto. Lathe is doing something strange. I have used many post processing from tusion360 webside and nothing changed.

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Hello @biuro_autona 


it is probably related to arc interpolation direction.

And this may be influenced by the tool post location on a lathe



Depending if the toolpost is before, or after the spindle centerline, we might have to change some codes.

Mainly the arc direction G2 and G3 being exchanged, same for G41/G42.


We sometime ned to inform the post that it need to be reverted.

That's why we have this comment in the post description:

Use Turret 0 for Positional Turret, Turret 101 for QCTP on X- Post, Turret 102 for QCTP on X+ Post, Turret 103 for Gang Tooling on X- Post, Turret 104 for Gang Tooling on X+ Tool Post.


Tell us what is your machine configuration, then turret 101, or 102 need to be used instead of turret 0.





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