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Posting problems with our HAAS VF OE mill

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Posting problems with our HAAS VF OE mill

I used the generic HAAS milling machine post for my programs that are going into that machine.

Now when we try to upload into the control, we get an alarm saying no program found.

I think this machine based off of its age the floppy drive was changed to a USB drive.

We have a hot job that we need to get running and we're hitting a brick wall.

Also, what extension should the file be: TXT, FILE or NC?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Usually NC. If you can open the code on the PC then you know its either a usb or machine issue. 

If its an older control, you will also need the code to be formatted like this






(part name)


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Is that an O before the numbers?

We've tried both with an O and without same issue pops up.

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