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Posting out instances

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Posting out instances

Ok guys, If there is a function in Fusion CAM that I would call really stupid it's this one Or maybe I just need to understand it.  Seams way more complicated than it needs to be.  So if someone can provide an illustration of how the numbering system works for WCS locationing I would really appreciate that. Cant find anything. 


Im trying to learn how to post instances of my WCS to and from different locations on the machine.  I not understand the numbering system, just seems more complicated than it should be especially for 1st time doing it.  I watched these videos but the example, he is giving is the opposite of what i need because his coped part is coming off of G54 so it's got my head spinning!  


In my screen shot I have my WCS set up in Fusion just like I have it on the mill. All are completely functioning as expected and I have machined multiple parts at all 4 locations.   FYI All 4 WCS are different parts.  I am done machining the parts at G54 and G56 and now want to double up on G55 & G57, so basically I want to machine 2 G55s and 2G57s to complete my milling for this project.  So what I need to do is to make an instance of G55 AT G54 and an instance of G57 AT G56.  How do I configure the 


Im using 1 for G54      2 for G55       3 for G56      4 for G57  


Ive posted several tests and im getting a G59.1 


Hope this makes sense but the screenshot should tell the story of what I need. 


Another question Im using NC Viewer to review the posted file. When posting multiple WCS it stacks them all on the same origin in NC viewer.  Does anyone know if it's possible to have int come in its machine location like I see on my control?   







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you cant start at G55 and go backwards to G54


They way it works if you set G55 with an increment of 1 is it will post G55 then G56.


In your second example you are starting at G57 and incrementing by 3(G57+3=G59.1)) which is more than G59 so it goes to G59.1 which is an extended work offset.


You need to start with a smaller numbered offset and increment to a larger numbered offset.


So G54 increment 1 will go to G55

If you did G54 increment 2 it would go to G56



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So then in my case what I want to do I can't right.  Seams like negative values should be added for situations like this.  

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Normally the multiple WCS function is used for machining multiple parts on different WCS at the same time.


But it sounds like you just want to run the same program on a different WCS, it that correct?(not both WCS in a single program?)

Why not just change the WCS in the setup and then repost, it seems like you are making it more complicated than it needs to be.

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Yes same program/part on G54 & G55 then G57 & G56


As I said all 4 parts are different my goal is to run 2 of each mold 1/2S at the same time, BUT with this set up. I didn’t want to redo set ups.


As per your idea that would only allow me to run 2 mold 1/2S at the time and that’s what I’m already doing.  But wanted to double up on molds. 

the key to what I want is the fact that there is 4 parts with different WCS instead on 1 part distributed to multiple WCSs witch would be the most common use if this feature.  

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So why not just change the setup so the WCS is 1(g54) then increment 1(G55)

setup 1.png


Then for the second setup start at 3(G56) and increment 1(G57)

setup 2.png


Achieves the same thing in the end(Machines both parts), it just starts from a different WCS than you are currently.


also you can select order by tool to save on tool changes.

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