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Posting Gcode to a Root2 CNC Router

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Posting Gcode to a Root2 CNC Router

Hi Team,


I am using F360 to design and machine out small parts for my RD planes but its been a while since I used fusion 360 to post Gcode and it appears that the parameters have changed. 

My CNC is a Root2 unit running Marlin. I had a special post file that I use to put into Fusion so my CNC program would come out right. My version of Marlin says its Reprap firmware based on Sprinter and grbl. 

The post file I use to use is called MPCNC_Fusion360_V6_SDcard.RAR. Are you able to help me select a post processor that will make a Gcode file so my CNC program will be able to read it. I have tried the GRBL setting in the Fusion library but the sketch is all jumbled.


Thank you 






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in reply to: tbanfield

Was this a post processor that you had downloaded from another source, such as Marlin or your machine manufacturer? Do you still have that download file available to you? The .RAR extension is not a post file, but a "zipped" file, so it's possible it still exists on your computer. If you store post files in the Cloud Library, it should always exist thru updates

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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