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Posting certain toolpaths to include a relative G91 code

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Posting certain toolpaths to include a relative G91 code

Brand spankin' new here. I have used F360 in the past for some basic designs, then had other experts finish them up. I have not done post processing with it.


A couple questions:

  1. Let's say I have 3 toolpaths. Is it possible to set up F360 so that path 1 and 3 are given a G90, but path 2 is given a G91 when the gcode is produced?
  2. I have a Thermwood and the control can use labels which are basically subprograms. The main body of the gcode uses an M82Lx command which says go to label x, and label x is placed after the end sequence of the program. The label begins with M80Lx, then ends with M83 which returns it to the next line in the main body after the M82Lx. With this, I can have one block of code at the end that might run multiple times at multiple locations. It's nice to keep the code shorter and I only need to edit in one place. Related to the first question, I always use relative for the labels.

So this is the way I've done it for a looong time. I'm open to new ways, but am first investigating what can be done similar to the way I've always done it.


The post processor I'm using is one I found here on the forum made for a Thermwood by a user.

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Is it possible? Yes, most likely. However, it will require some post processor editing and would be better suited to the skills of a post developer, of which you can find a list here:

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thanks for the information.

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