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Post won't re-order operations

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Post won't re-order operations

Hello forum,


I have a part where I am programming features along the OD of the part. It is faster for me to work on individual features when programming the machining cycles than focus on the tools that are performing the operations. With that said, you can see how I have the part programmed currently would induce more tool changes than necessary. In the post dialogue box there is an option to "re-order to minimize tool changes." When this is selected it has no effect. I thought the way this works is it will re arrange the program to do all the spot drilling, then the drilling, then the tapping and so on. So far it has no effect when selecting this. Does this mean I have to change my programming to match the way I want to make the machine run? This really puts a damper on my "flow" for how I program these types of parts.


Attached is the post I use and the part file. Thanks Fusion 360 members for this forum.







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did you get any reply's to this post? I'm new to fusion and have been looking at the same thing. It sucks if you can't reorder by tool. Let me know you figure it out. Thanks

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Still no solution!

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in reply to: markp7QXQK



If you only have a single setup with multiple operations then no it doesn`t change anything, it does make changes between different setups.

The altrernative would be to move operations up/down in your browser. Hope this helps.


If you are still having problems then if possible can you upload your Fusion f3d file so it can be looked at. Go to:-

File > Export > Select f3d format > Save to a location on your computer > Then attach to your reply.

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yes, you must order the toolpaths in the same way you machine them...How does the software know what order things "have" to be done in? Program it as if you were a manual machinist and you won't have to reorder as much when you finish.

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My original objective was to utilize the pattern function for features. For instance a single hole may require a spot, drill, then tap. From there you can select to pattern the operation and force it to spot all holes for that single feature, then drill, then tap. The problem with programming multiple holes that require the same tools, but have different depths it becomes harder to separate all of the machining operations. What I was trying to accomplish was to use the pattern function, then re-order all of the tool operations so it does not perform all of the extra tool changes. I probably have not explained this to the extent that is needed to highlight the challenge, but I have since developed a workflow that gives me the desired results.

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You can edit the Pattern to Order by Tool and it'll do what you want. Also consider using Hole Top and Hole Bottom as much as you can. 

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I understand that, but what you cannot do is take multiple patterned operations and re-order the operations to spot all the features, then drill, then tap. 

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I see now your doing 4th axis work. Just Spot hole 1 then do a circular pattern with the # of instances. No more hole 1-2-3-4 etc with every position. I then do another circular pattern and drill them all, starting with the last hole that was spotted, etc. 

Heres a recent one 




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Correct, so what I have adopted is I start by spot drilling and patterning each hole that's specific to itself. I then copy and paste each of the patterned items, change the tool to the drill and re-label. I then do the same with the tap or whatever tools that are needed to complete that patterned hole feature. It all starts with the spot drill cycle and you build from there.

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