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Post to 2 different posts simultaneously?

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Post to 2 different posts simultaneously?

We are looking at changing how we schedule jobs with a new ERP system possibly in the future that allows a part to be scheduled for multiple machines and basically allows us some flexibility. my question is I only have haas mills and milltronics mills, so 2 posts is all i deal with. can i have a post that creates duplicate programs for both machines, 1 for each post? like 1 post in f360 that calls up 2 seperate posts and puts them in subfolders in the directory chosen in f360? how hard would this be?

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Hi.  I think the NC Program functionality is the easiest way to do this.  After you make all of your toolpaths, create an NC program for your Haas mill.  Then, duplicate the NC program and point it towards your Milltronics post processor.  The two won't post simultaneously but they'll both be based on the same operations so any changes you make will automatically be incorporated into both NC programs.  

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