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Post processor selection keeps changing

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Post processor selection keeps changing

I use a custom post process....(as modified by Seth)

 I select the post processor Grbl / grbl_jscott6WZG   posts ok...

But when I return to repost the Post processor changes back to Grbl / grbl

Grbl / grbl resides in Fusion 360 Library

Grbl / grbl_jscott6WZG  My post/Cloud


I would like the Post processor selection to stay at Grbl / grbl_jscott6WZG  what do I have to do...

This is new it used to be perfect


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I'm having the same problem with my post always reverting back to an old one.  Using the latest updated Fusion 360 version.


This is also happening with the output folder. 


I have been fighting this for years.  I know there is probably some order of operation that needs to be done to make it work.   But not sure why it is so difficult to figure out.  Or maybe it has always been an issue that has not been fixed.


Is there anyway to have the post processor and output directories save with the file / drawing currently being used?  I feel this is the way it should work.


When you open an existing drawing that you need to make a change too, you should not have to search for the correct post processor and correct output folder each time you post.





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in reply to: jscott6SWZG

Couple questions:
1) Where are you folks storing your post processor(s); cloud or local library? (I prefer turning on Cloud Libraries and storing posts there)

2) Are you saving your files to the cloud or are you exporting when done for the day (some folks do this to maintain local storage, it's a bit of a chore).


Historically, Fusion retains the last used post and posting location. There are things you can do that help to break this behavior, I've listed a couple above

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Thank you for the quick reply.


I use my post processors from my local library.   I also store them on the cloud, so I could easily switch to that.


All drawing files are stored in the cloud.  But the posts are always saved locally.


It's always been hit and miss.  Sometimes it remembers, and sometimes it just continues to revert back to some old directory or post processor, no matter how many times I post with the correct information.


Not sure why it doesn't stick the first time I change the post and/or the directory.  This is why I think there are still issues with this, or there is some order of operations that needs to initially be done.


Thanks again,



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