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Post processor for ESA controller on ALU Ranger Vgroove from Casadei Industria

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Post processor for ESA controller on ALU Ranger Vgroove from Casadei Industria

Does anyone know of a Post that is close to what is needed for the ESA contoller on the ALU Ranger vertical CNC router from Casadei Industria? If anyone knows a good starting point it would be much appreciated.

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in reply to: dbigham

I think I probably started on this road about the same time this post went up.  I haven't found anything off the shelf that looks like whatever is going with ESA/Kavara and Casadei or Muratori or whoever they are now, so just started working on making my own. Now I don't have any idea what I'm doing but I figured that didn't stop them so why let that slow me down.

And I have managed to put together enough information about it that I was able to meet with with two different software companies (oddly just today) about building a something that would be able to generate the G code directly from Cad Drawings. if your still interested let me know and I can tell you how that is progressing

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in reply to: jtuckerDZ33R

As it happens the customer with the ALU Ranger for which I was trying to create a workflow for put the project on hold. That being said, I would still like to see if a solution can be found for that customer. Back in the spring I found a post about the ALU Ranger which resulted in finding out that a post processor was created by someone at Autodesk but never tested or post publicly. They finally sent me the post but I was never able to test the post as the project was put on hold. If you want to talk further about this, send me an email at



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in reply to: dbigham

@dbigham is it possible for you to send me that Post Processor for the Muratori or any information youve collected about it? Thanks!


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in reply to: bradj3UD8J

Hey Brad I dont think that other guy dbigham is still around anymore. but if you contact him please let me know. 


and if you are interested I can share what I have learned so far and would be very interested in your experience with the machine and the ddx software and why you are looking for a new post.

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in reply to: jtuckerDZ33R

Still here, I’m still interested in learning what you find out, I did share the post I had with Brad. Keep the conversation going. Cheers

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in reply to: dbigham

I am happy to finally be speaking with other people who have been on this journy and am very curious to know if the reason for looking for a new post processor is the same or if my experience has been unique. 

Please please please send me that post. And just tell me where to mail the case of whisky for a thank you.

 So far I have just amassed what I believe to be all the documents necessary  for someone to write a new Post. (and I have spent enough time researching to know it would take me years to develop the skills needed to do it on my own)

 I have the full list of G and M codes supported by the ranger (this was provided to me direct from Casadei/Muratori) they also provided me with a set of pgm files each with a video showing the actions of the machine as it executes the file (this was not as helpful as i already understand the g code to mechanical movement of the machine)


where I start needing help is with

 ?%ETK[1]= 1
?%ETK[2]= %ETK[1]+1

 I have also have the VARS_Inc and VARSX_INC.cfs files which appear to be all the varialbles needed for the 48 pages of pre programmed macros for tool changes, tool offsets and other machine movements that I have pulled out of the machine.

and I have the Samec documents 








 I know there is someone in the U.K. that has written a post processor for the machine but I have had no luck trying to track that down. and I have  talked to a few companies but what I was really hoping for was a post built into AutoCAD.

That is what we have we have for our two older cnc routers. we just type in the custom command prompt CNC and it gives us the file the machines need to run, but the guy who wrote that is no longer with the company and as a result not as interested in doing another one. I have talked to a few places and need to get back in touch with them.

 SAI ERroute and Striker systems are the two who seem like the most viable options but have also been looking at gibbscam but haven't had the time to get back into it. We kept getting burned by the lack of support from the Cam software provider for the machine and so this would be top priority for a while and then other fires would pull me away from it but since January when we got Casadei/Muratori involved things have been better and it has been less of a priority.  

 Have you spoken with any other Casadei/Muratori machine owners or users, I have been trying to find anyone else with experience with their equipment. We haven’t had the best luck with that machine but their service has be incredible.

Anyway please send me that post and thank you




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