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Post Processor error with milling compensation in lathe

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Post Processor error with milling compensation in lathe

Hi All!


I am trying to mill a round bore in the end of of part on a lathe. I have milled along the z axis before making a square body with having wear offset enabled without issue. However this time I can seem to figure out why my post processor is giving me this error. I am feeding in the Z axis into the hole. I am milling in the X and Y axis only. I then retract in the Z. The C axis should not be enabled and should only be locked at C0.. I am using the Haas St-20Y post 45828 for this. I can do the exact same style milling hole in the lathe along the X axis, and It posts out fine. For some reason when I try to do this hole along the Z axis, I get this error?


"Radius compensation cannot be activated/deactivated for 5-axis move."
This milling path works
Lathe Mill Works.JPG
Lathe Mill Works 2.JPG

This Milling path does not work

Lathe Mill Doesnt Work.JPG
Lathe Mill Doesnt Work 2.JPG
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That's odd. Could you share your Fusion file here?
File > Export > Save to local folder, return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply


Are you using the generic ST-20Y post?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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It is odd. Here it is.

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Did you see anything in the file I sent? I am still having trouble with this. I have a similar part with a similar feature, however the feature is in the X axis instead of the Z axis, and I dont have any trouble milling that feature. Curious how the different axis stops me from posting.
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I figured it out! For some reason I needed to set my X axis minimum from 0 to a negative #. Which I do understand because I am going below centerline. However I have another part that I mill around and go below centerline and that part posts fine with my X axis Minimum set to 0. Either way, I found the answer. I set my X minimum to -1. I set my minimum cord length to .005", minimum circular radius to .0005" and my tolerence to .001" in my post processor settings. Its now posting out in X,Y milling with my wear offset.

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