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Post Processor Edit for Fanuc 21i-tb

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Post Processor Edit for Fanuc 21i-tb

Hello, I have a Doosan Puma 240. Its a 2 axis lathe with a Fanuc 21i controller. I am having problems finding a post processor that outputs the drilling cycles the way the contol likes it. This code was generated using the fanuc turning post. 

(DRILL3 2)
N28 M1
N29 T0303
N30 G54
N31 M8
N32 G98
N33 G97 S688 M3
N34 G0 X0. Z0.6
N35 G0 Z0.2
N36 G83 X0. Z-9.25 R0.2 Q0.0625 F2.6
N37 G80
N38 Z0.6

My problem is that the control doesnt like the G83 written in this format. It wants R2000 Q0625 F2.6
Is there a way to change the post to output those without the decimals?
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The Doosan post should give you what you're looking for, have you tried that one?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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Hello, Thanks for the quick reply. I have tried the Doosan turning post. They both post the same way. For some reason this machine wants no decimal when doing certain cycles like peck drilling, facing, and threading cycles. From what I can tell most of the cycles are posted wrong in one way or another. If I uncheck use cycles when posting the code generated works fine. The problem is that it makes the code very long and uses a lot of memory. The cycle for peck drilling that programming manual describes is

G74 R

G74 Z Q F

R(first line)= retraction amount after each peck, no decimal.

Z= the total depth to be drilled on the z axis

Q= the length of each peck, no decimal point

F= the feedrate of the drill

example from manual

N100 T0202 M8

G97 S1400 M3

G0 X0 Z.2

G74 R500 (this first line is optional)

G74 Z-2. Q2000 F.007

G0 G40 X10. Z10. T0200



I have no idea why the posts are so different from what the machine wants.

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